Barakat Opticals

Project Overview: Born in 1980, Barakat has evolved as one of the traditional outlets in KSA & UAE. They are primarily the biggest player in this segment & catering majority of customers in that region. Since the induction, they have been working offline & the primary source of their business came through their stores across the region. Now the industry has transformed & online e-commerce is at its own peak so they also planned to come up with a unique online setup.  

Challenges & Problem Identification: They initially had a website that was just a static set up where the catalog had its presence in a very unorganized manner. It was nowhere as far as current online trends are concerned, so we needed to develop it from scratch & give it a completely new appearance.

Not only the website but they had an idea to implement a real-time prescription based module so that people could try & test in real-time to get the best purchase. This requires expertise from the development end because the measurement factors were supposed to be challenging.  



Solution Catered:

  • We leverage the power of the CI framework and Opencart.
  • A highly manageable prescription module.
  • Customized Invoicing system 
  • Virtual Try 
  • Multi-Store locator on Google Map

Technology Implied:

  • Language – PHP with CI Framework
  • DB – MySQL
  • Frontend – Bootstrap4/JQuery


After making a successful implementation of the beta version, we finally made this website live for the outside world. We delivered this website to the client with:

Source Code + Admin Access + Live user guide for Admin.

Barakat Opticals

  • ClientBarakat Opticals
  • CategoryWeb Development
  • Start Date28 Dec 2019
  • End Date1 Mar 2020
  • Website
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