Dial A Battery

Project Overview:

Born on March 2011, Dial A Battery became one of the leading players in onsite battery replacement industry. It saves time and effort by going to your location and replacing your dead battery on the spot.

Challenges & Problem Identification:

They had a website which was completely outdated so thought to develop it from scratch which follows current e-commerce trends & unique user experience. They were also pretty tight with their budget so looked for an optimized solution for this.

We analyzed the overall situation & discussed the depth of their product lines. With the help of our creative solution architects, we were able to give them exactly what they wanted that too within their pocket size.


We finally came up with an extremely efficient web platform with having a unique look & feel. This website possesses the salient features like, Dynamic CMS, extremely secured, easy navigation, single page checkout & a decent user experience from soup to nuts.


After making a successful implementation of beta version, we finally made this website live for outside world. We delivered this website to the client with:

Source Code + Admin Access + Live user guide for Admin.

Dial A Battery

  • ClientDial A Battery, UAE
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