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The pandemic hit the world last year, and with this, many jobs were lost, and self-employed people experienced a significant setback. Many were struggling to get the necessary help from the local handymen. To make it possible for everyone, the client came up with an idea of Handiman, making it easy for both user and the service provider to have and get work.


What is Handiman?

Handiman is a platform that works in two ways – it has two apps, one for a service provider who can register and offer their services to the people. The other is for the users, who can choose the services according to their needs and choose the service provider and time as per their need. The app is helpful for services like a tradesman, handypersons, cleaner, dog sitter, gardener, and many more. 


The expectations of clients

Since Handiman has two apps, working on both of them was essential, and they were to be launched together, so both service provider and user can use them. The client aimed to offer services like on-demand labour. Odd jobs and side gigs to the local handymen so they can easily survive in the pandemic.

Service provider App – The client requested that the app should be easy to use for the service providers for their daily gigs. The service provider can quickly register on the app and post their work so users can see it and book them for their specific services. 

User App – The user needs to register on the app and go through a list of vendors registered for the specific service they need. They can book the service provider according to the services and charges mentioned on the app. After the service, the user can review the service provider, so it helps other users to choose from the reviewed service providers.


Business Challenges

  • Building two separate apps
  • Easy to use app for the service provider
  • Offering the user multiple services for daily assistance
  • Getting vendors to register on the app


Our secret recipe

This was a demanding project and needed a lot of planning. The project has numerous requirements, and focusing on one solution or feature wasn’t going to work. So we analysed the whole idea and researched what to add and how to implement it to connect both the ideas for a successful collaboration.

After the analysis, we started working using the technology. We came up with these incredible apps that cater to two different sets of audiences and yet establish a great bond between them.

Service convenience – We embedded customizable features so vendors who are not very well equipped with technology can use the app easily for their convenience. Once they have provided the service, they get paid instantly. They can transfer the amount in their accounts quickly, without worrying about the cash and no negotiation with the customer cause the price is already fixed.

User convenience – The users can choose from multiple vendors in terms of price and availability. The prices are non-negotiable and online payments can be done quickly via the app without sharing any contact information. Also, as the time is fixed, the user doesn’t have to worry about calling the vendors for their availability.


Outcomes of Handiman

  • On-demand labor
  • Side gigs
  • Odd jobs available online
  • Setting work hours on your own
  • Instant payments
  • App support
  • Easy connect to the service vendors
  • Trusted service providers



Handiman wasn’t an easy project. Despite a good concept, it needed to attract the vendors to register on the app to make it successful. The vendors were offered services that help them survive and make them more than just staying. On the other hand, the users can easily choose from the number of vendors according to their service needs instead of calling random handypersons.


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Handiman App

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