Molla Kuque

Project Overview: The client did not have any business background but had an exceptional idea which he nourished over the years & wanted to implement for their people in Albania. He pursued this dream to come up with a social media platform for their people.

Challenges & Problem Identification: The challenges were limited since it was a development from scratch to technologically it was appropriate. The main concern was at the side of commercials as he was very tired with his financials being a salaried person. Herewith us, we took great care about the overall project cost as well as easy & flexible milestones which he was able to pay from his monthly remuneration.

Process Implied:

  • Project Analysis & Research
  • Idea Formulation
  • Documentation Wireframing & Use Cases
  • Mock Up & Layout Design
  • Web services development
  • Back-end Development & Web services integration
  • Implementation at our Testing Server
  • App Testing & Integration
  • Bug Fixing & Configuration
  • Deployment at Live Server over Playstore & App Store
  • Post-Deployment Periodic Maintenance 

Salient Features:

  • Create a post (Text, Images, Videos)
  • Hashtags
  • Likes, comments and share
  • Points calculation
  • Group Creation 
  • Chat and Group chat
  • Animated Emojis
  • Google Map / Location 
  • Search by Parameters 


Technologies Implied:

  • Swift (iOS)
  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Laravel (Backend)
  • AWS  (Server)


After making a successful implementation of the beta version, we finally made this mobile application live for the people to download & install. We delivered the Mobile App to the client with:

Source Code (both Apps & Backend) + Admin Access + Live user guide for Admin.

Molla Kuque

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