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We revamped the website for a whole new look and added new features

Research peptides are synthesized for study in the lab, leading to breakthroughs and future pharmaceuticals; they become medicines after clinical trials and the FD approval process. Peptides UK manufactures the highest quality research peptides in the UK that are supplied for research purposes.


What is Peptides UK?

Peptides UK is the original and the best for highest quality research peptides available in the UK. With years in the industry and peptide research, the brand had a website with n outdated technology responsible for bad user experience. To make the user experience more immersive, we needed to work on the technicalities at the backend to have a great experience while buying from the website.


The expectations of clients

Since Peptides UK wanted to revamp the website to enhance the user experience and add features like a low-risk payment gateway, it was essential to understand what to change, so the existing users don’t feel indifferent while making their purchases. The client wanted to simplify the checkout process and even migrate the old data to the newly revamped website.

Simpler checkout process – The client requested to change the outdated technology and revamp the checkout process by implementing a low-risk business payment gateway that adds taxes when the user checks out from the website.

Enhanced user experience – The earlier website design had outdated technology, and the worst user experience was. The client wanted the users on the website to have the smoothest experience to place an order and not feel that they had to choose a lot before checking out.

Added features – The website already has 12k customers, and to give them a smooth experience, it was essential to add features that can provide the smoothest experience. We updated the payment gateway, migrated the whole data to the new website even though orders kept coming in the meantime. 


Business Challenges

  • Revamp the website
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Implementing low-risk payment gateway
  • Migration of data so it matches the existing data


Our secret recipe

The project required to revamp and put features that give a great user experience. The website was transformed using the advanced versions of the previous technology and was tested before making the website live. The transformation aimed to enhance user experience and checkout process along with keeping the crucial customer data safe.

Enhanced user experience – We communicated with the client and understood the changes they desired for their project. We studied the website’s source code and understood where to make changes—using the advanced technologies, we made changes and updated the outdated technology for smooth browsing.

Upgrading features – The website was still receiving orders while revamped, and it was challenging to keep that data safe. The website has 12k customers and more than 5k orders on the website database, and it was challenging to import that data to the updated website. We synced the new website database with old orders and information, so the existing data is not lost while implementing the changes.

Implementing a new Payment gateway system – The purpose of the website updation was to implement the low-risk business payment gateway and add taxes. Hence, it benefits the business in the long run. We even implemented the acceptance of bitcoins, and customers can pay via bitcoins for the products they buy.


End Result – Peptides UK

  • High-risk business payment gateway
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Payment via bitcoins
  • Data migration
  • Worldwide shipping
  • $1.2 million of sales since revamp
  • Updated technology
  • Syncing the old data on the revamped website



Tech Strategy managed to implement the new changes in the website, and the result is that the website has made $1.2 million of sales. The website holds 12k customers and information of more than 5k orders. After the revamp, the website data is migrated to the new database, and we are glad to have updated the outdated technology to keep everything intact.


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